Rome Day 5 (part 2)

ImagePiazza Venezia



Huge monument the unknown soldier, and strict rules about behavior at the entrance to the museum of the resurgence (lots of steps) Never made it to the museum because the entrance also took you to the Church of Mary of the something (I gotta start writing these things down sooner). The Church was very fancy and quite old (some reference to 1689). Fancy, lavish decorations, some statues (not all beautiful by today’s standards but done with love). I see exuberant, enthusiastic  expressions of worship. What signs will we leave to witness t to the next generations of our love for God?

Saw the Church of San Marcello: Magnificent inside.

Climbed the Spanish Steps (there are a lot of them). 

The Church of the Trinity on the Mount. They were having exposition. Then the Church of St. Ignatius and the Church of Maria Sopra Minerva.

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