My trip to Rome: thoughts

These are some reflections from my trip to Rome in October of 2013:

Friday, October 4: Day One

Found a place to get a good portion of pizza, and a nice salad and a glass of wine for 10 euros. Not everything is that cheap however.

Gelato: Need to get more of this stuff!

Surprising how much beer is served in cafes. I would have thought wine was the thing. There is plenty of wine as well, however.

Wow! It is so easy just to walk into St. Peter’s Square

No surprise they sell a lot of religious trinkets, both cheap and expensive

Lot’s of priests and nuns

Yes, you do have to be careful crossing the street.  I don’t think they want to hit you, but they seem awfully confident that they won’t, even if they get really close…

Walking, and getting familiar with the immediate neighborhood. Very tired, a bit nervous about being in this new country, not feeling very adventurous.  I’m pleased, however, that I got my first look.


I figured I should take a couple pictures of myself so that people would know I was really here, and didn’t just make all this up 🙂

1 thought on “My trip to Rome: thoughts

  1. Bob and Carla Foster

    We got into your website! Looking forward to more comments and photos! Or did we miss something! 🙂


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