Day 2 in Rome

Saturday, October 5: Day Two Rain (Pioggia/Piovere): That’s okay; it won’t stop me from walking. Walking old bridges (pontes) with old statues. Lots of statues St. Peter’s square has lots of portable wooden gates to herd the crowds.


I’m very happy that the hotel provides a substantial breakfast; that will save me a lot of money. I can walk a lot of miles on this.

It was worthwhile visiting a grocery store just to go to the cheese, meat and bread section and inhale the aroma!   Ahhhhh! And they didn’t even charge me.

Espresso and Chocolate Croissant (ah!)

Bruschetta here is very different from the pale imitation they serve in American restaurants. The pasta is firm, but gentle. The red sauce has zest (a bit spicy). When I was younger it was a lot easier to read the fine print in a pocket bilingual dictionary. Maybe I need new bifocals (sigh). Went into two churches near St. Peters: Church of the Holy Spirit in Sassia, and (I think) Mary of the Child Jesus.

They are very fancy inside.

 Hs in sassia2

In one church people were praying the rosary and doing a novena to Sr. Faustina (the church was full).

Psalm for today: 92

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