Day 11 in Rome

Monday Oct 14

Day 11 in Rome

There was a tour of Catacomb S. Domitilla.  They didn’t let us take pictures in the catacombs themselves, but we could photograph the chapel in its entrance, perhaps one of the oldest Christian churches still around.

Chapel at Catacomb S. Domitilla (not one of the better shots)

Chapel at Catacomb S. Domitilla (not one of the better shots)

Romans tended to get cremated but the early Christians wanted to be buried as a sign of their hope in the resurrection of the body, hence, burial in the catacombs.

The catacombs contain perhaps the oldest Christian art and one of the earliest churches.

The hope of the resurrection and the awareness that here we have no lasting city gave us some of the most enduring Christian artifacts.

On the way back, we drove on a chunk of the Apian Way and drove past the Quo Vadis chapel.

Pizza: A form of Italian art not to be ignored.

Pizza Capriciosa

Psalm for today 16

3 thoughts on “Day 11 in Rome

  1. MicheleMariePoetry

    I remember my days in Rome, I wandered off from my group, and decided to catch up with them…So I ran through the catecombs, and rounding a corner silently, I startled some poor Sisters to death! Guess they thought they might initially be seeing a ghost. Then they realized it was an untamed American! I didn’t quite appreciate their pizza like you do though!

  2. MicheleMariePoetry

    We stayed at an old convent (cheap lodging) and every day they packed us a lunch (hard rolls and Prosciutto, a drink etc. It got to where I couldn’t eat it as they also gave us hard hollow rolls for breakfast too (the Spaniards loved it- the Americans not so much)
    But at dinner time, OH! How I looked forward to dinner at that convent. Every night it was the same, pasta and sauce! How I LOVED that sauce they put on their pasta! Sooo delicious, the only disappointment was that you couldn’t go up for seconds! Yes, their Pasta was wonderful!!!


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